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The story of our poker club has been written since 2003. The aim was to organize small tournaments for a circle of friends and acquaintances. We were able to keep the players entertained and so in 2005 we organized a yearly tournament series with the now defunct Tour server which was attended by over 400 players. We also formed a partnership with the international bookmaker, with whom we organized many events. You could see us at music festivals, concerts or golf tournaments.


The turning point came in 2013 when an amendment to the Lottery Act came into force, which defined poker as a game of chance for the first time and our association ceased to exist. 


Since 2013 we have been engaged only in non-gambling activities on a service request basis. We literally have experience to spare.

Range of services

which we will tailor to your requirements


Professional Poker Tournament

A poker party hosted by Diamond's Poker Club is a high-level social event. It is an entertaining educational program in a poker jacket. Poker is intelligent entertainment with simple rules and incredible playability. We will come with our team, all the equipment and teach you, your friends, employees or business associates how to play poker in a fun way.


Mobile casino

Luxury gaming tables, real roulette wheel made of mahogany with a diameter of 80 cm. These are the parameters that set us apart from the competition. By debunking the myths and half-truths about casino scams, you will always go to the casino with the aim of "playing" and losing excess money, because otherwise it is not even possible.


Poker table rental

We rent all equipment for home playing. Your favorite service is renting a poker table for 9 people for the weekend. All tables are of our own manufacture and we also have the original folding tables, so you only need a "combo" to transport them. The tables are original and were invented during the course of the club's operation to meet the requirements of a mobile poker club.


"Frequently Asked Questions"

What does it cost to have fun?

Approximate prices for renting one table with croupier
and complete equipment for 4 hours of "live action".

Poker 5000,- CZK excluding VAT
American Roulette 11.000,- CZK excluding VAT
Gotes 5000,- CZK excluding VAT
Black Jack 5,000,- CZK excluding VAT

I want a fun program for clients, employees or a party, how do I do it?

Events for thirty or more guests need to be planned on a bespoke basis. From the appropriate selection of games according to the gender and age of the participants to a detailed game plan. Preparing an event takes time and involve us in the complete planning to make it work to your satisfaction. The comfort of the guests and the flow of the event is taken care of by the casino director who ensures the smooth running of the event. We have experience with closing auctions that always get the guests fired up.

Simply get in touch with us to make arrangements.

We're going to a cabin and all we want is a table and chips...

A professional poker table is always the centre of attention and the highlight of the event. It's important to make sure you're comfortable during your busy nightly card sessions.

Table rental starts at 1500,- excluding VAT for one day, but if you are coming for the weekend we have a special price of 2000,- excluding VAT for Friday to Monday rental.

We have a warehouse in Prague 8 available non-stop.


Děkujeme za odeslání!

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